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BWF Rallies Against Doping

Rally Against Doping is a new programme launched by the Badminton World Federation at the 2012 YONEX BWF World Junior Championships.

The goal of the programme was to raise awareness of doping in sport and assist with the education of youth as well as the managers and coaches attending the 

Championships. The initiative in Chiba, Japan, was a collaboration between JADA (Japan Anti-doping Agency) and the BWF.

“We were very happy to work with JADA on this initiative and to ensure that youth at these championships had the opportunity  to access information on doping in sport,” said BWF Director of Operations, Stuart Borrie.

“Every individual player, coach and manager has a role to play in the fight against doping. The online questionnaire we conducted in 17 different languages told us that there is a wide range of knowledge amongst the more than 320 players at the championships – so it was important that we had information available to those who wanted to get a better understanding of anti-doping in sport,” he added.

The initiative included the following components:

o  A questionnaire for players, managers and coaches

    in 17 different languages

o  Outreach to team managers and coaches

o  Information available online and in hard copy

    (in various languages) for players

o  A self study area  - Fair Play Station - with online

    activities to complete

o  Education officers from JADA working with volunteers and team managers to visit the.

The programme will be evaluated in coming weeks and a follow-up strategy will be implemented with BWF Member Associations.


JADA Media Release

More anti-doping information.

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