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A Glimpse into China's Preparation

On 15 May 2014, the Chinese National Badminton Team launched the Thomas Uber Cup video, with a theme of "energize your team for your dream (Dream Team Excitation)", in the two-minute video clip, it expressed the team's confidence and determination to retain their title in the 2014 Li-Ning BWF Thomas and Uber Cup 2014, the China men and women team went into ‘special intensive training’ to hone their skills. 

This video clip is produced by RedBull’s production film - "RedBull Sports World" and co-produced by China National Badminton Team, head coach, Li Yongbo.

The video was filmed at the China national team training base in Jinjiang. China national badminton team is known for its precision and aggressiveness but through this video, it showcases a different side of them - the real, subtle and personal side of the players in the process of preparing for the Thomas Uber Cup. With Lin Dan (left) displaying the ‘Big-Brother’ role, the steadfastness of the veteran players, young players on the training ground outspoken and diffuse the "family" atmosphere, all of these exude the camaraderie of the team and the players’ determination to win.  

"Generally all the trainings are conducted in exclusivity but this year I want a change. I hope that through such a film, everyone will understand our preparation process, to be exposed to the real side of the team, understand the attitude of the players towards collective honour and teamwork, and how each person interpret the tradition of Chinese National Badminton Team" Li Yongbo said.

"Thomas-Uber Cup is an important event after the Olympic Games. Our team is at a critical stage in alternating between the old and new players, the whole team should establish the will to win, to unite as one, in full competitiveness.”

Thomas-Uber Cup 2014 badminton tournament is being held in New Delhi on 18 -25 May, with the Chinese men and women team as the top-seeded team to begin their defending tour. Earlier, the Chinese men's team in the Thomas Cup has created a brilliant record of five consecutive championships by tying with the Indonesian team since their record in 2002; while the Chinese women's team in history has won the Uber Cup twelve times, the girls are on the defending determined to win this year. Something to merit a mention, if both men’s and women’s teams successfully defended their championship, the team's four newcomers: men's singles – Tian Houwei, women’s singles - Sun Yu, women’s doubles – Bao Yixin and Tang Jinhua have the opportunity to become the new world champion.

RedBull has been a strong supporter of badminton and a partner of BWF’s major tournaments - World Championship, Thomas Uber Cup and Sudirman Cup since 2013. The ‘Red Bull Super Finals’ is an annual grassroot tournament that garnered more than 60,000 participants from all over China. As Chinese National Badminton Team’s main sponsor, Red Bull started in March 2010, the "100 + Plan" to help realize the dream of Li Yongbo to train 100 world champions. By convention, Red Bull will issue a commemorative ‘Golden Can' to each first time new world champion and the ceremony is conducted immediately after Finals of the match. To date, Red Bull has presented 75 world champions with the commemorative ‘Golden Can’.

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