Membership Renewal 2014 - Schedule A

Each year, Members must complete a Schedule A as part of the membership renewal process.

The deadline for the 2014 Schedule A is 30 September 2014. 

Please complete Schedule A and fax / scan and email the completed Schedule A to Patricia Wong -

Download - Schedule A

Declaration of Registered Players

Members must declare “registered player numbers” on the Schedule A.  The Council will review the numbers of registered players each Member declares. The Council will accept or reject the numbers declared by 31 October. If a Schedule A has not been received, the Council will determine the figures. 

The constitution states:


13.1 Every Member shall submit to the Secretary General not later than 30 September in each calendar year a completed Schedule A which includes the number of its registered players as at a date within the  preceding three (3) months.

Council shall have the right by 31 October in the same year to refuse to accept such declarations representing the number of registered players and also, if no Schedule A has been received, to assess the figures on such information as shall be available. A Member shall have the right to object to Council against such assessment within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the notice of Council’s decision. The onus of proof shall lie with the Member concerned.


Members in Good Standing

To be “in good standing” – and to be able to participate in the 2015 AGM - a BWF Member must 1) have paid its subscription for the current year and 2) completed a Schedule A as part of the on-going membership process.

Please contact Patricia Wong if you have any questions regarding the enclosed.


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