Athletes Commission

BWF Athletes Commission

The BWF Athletes Commission was established in 2008, and is made up of six members.

The purpose of the BWF Athletes Commission is to represent the views of athletes to the BWF Council. The Chair of the BWF Athletes Commission is a full voting member of the Council and has the responsibility to advise Council on matters relevant to athletes.

The members of the BWF Athlete’s Commission are:
  • Yuhan Tan (Belgium) - Chair
  • Koen Ridder (Netherlands) - Vice Chair
  • Hans-Kristian Vittinghus (Denmark)
  • Greysia Polii (Indonesia) 
  • Tang Yuanting (China)
  • Ikeda Shintaro (Japan)
  • Pedro Yang - (Ex-official)

 Yuhan Tan





 Koen Ridder





 Hans-Kristian Vittinghus



 Greysia Polii



 Tang Yuanting





 Ikeda Shintaro



 Pedro Yang




 Pedro Yang