The BWF Council (except the Continetal Vice Presidents) is elected for a four year term by the membership at its annual meeting in the year after the Summer Olympic Games. The Vice Presidents from each Continental Confederation are elected for a four year term by their respective AGMs two years after the Summer Olympic Games. 

The President, Deputy President, six Vice President and the Chairs of the Council Committees make up the Executive Board.

BWF Council Members (2013 - 2017)
 Poul-Erik Høyer
 Gustavo Fernando Salazar Delgado
 Deputy President
 Gregory Verpoorten
 Vice President – Europe - Deputy Chair - Administration
 Vishu Tolan
 Vice President – Pan Am - Chair - Administration
 Dagmawit Girmay Berhane
 Vice President - Africa - Deputy Chair - IOC & IR
 Geraldine Brown
 Vice President – Oceania - Chair - Women's Commission
 Liu Feng Yan
 Vice President – Asia
 Paul Kurzo
 Vice President – Para-Badminton
 David Cabello
 Chair – Development and Sport for All Committee
 Etienne Thobois
 Chair - IOC & International Relations - Deputy - Marketin
 Lim Teong Kiat
 Chair – Finance Committee
 Ng Yoke Weng

 Chair - Communication Committee

 Peter Tarcala

 Chair - Events Committee
 Nigel Skelt
 Chair - Marketing Committee
 Raj Gaya
 Council Member
 Mehdi Karbasian
 Council Member
 Li LingWei
 Deputy Chair – Events Committee
 Nora Perry
 Council Member
 Sergey Shakhray
 Council Member
 Wayne Somers
 Deputy Chair - Para-Badminton Commtitee
 Lawrence Chew
 Council Member

 Akhilesh Das Gupta
 Council Member
 Jassem Kanso
 Deputy Chair - Development and Sport for All
 Ranjit de Silva
 Deputy Chair - Communication Committee
 Chipo Zumburani
 Deputy Chair - Finance Committee
 Emma Mason
 Chair - Athlete's Commission