The BWF has two levels of referees together with an Assessment Panel for each.


Referee Nomination Process

The BWF nominates referees for all major international events including the Olympic Games, World Championships, Thomas Cup, Uber Cup, Sudirman Cup, Super Series and Grand Prix Events.

Generally nominations are approved at the December Council meeting for the following years events, however in some cases, the Olympic Games for example, appointments are made up to two years before the event.

Stages of the Nomination process:

  • In consultation with the Continental Confederations, the Technical Officials Commission drafts the Referees Nomination List for the whole year and submits to the Events Committee for approval;
  • The Events Committee reviews and approves the Referees Nomination List;
  • The Referees Nomination List is circulated to the Council;
  • The Council approves the final Nomination List;
  • Invitations are issued to referees and copied into the Continental Confederations and Member Associations.

Referee Training and Assessment

National Badminton Associations train, develop and assess referees to the highest national level for their top national tournaments. Referees who are at a sufficient level and experience may then be assessed to become internationally (BWF or Continental) Accredited or Certificated.

Training and development opportunities and assessment are provided at the Confederation level.

The BWF and/or Continental Confederations run Referees Training Courses and Seminars to ensure Referees have the requisite knowledge to officiate at international events and the Continental and World levels.


Referee’s Assignment






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