2010 World Ranking January

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[Note: Competition Regulation 30]
1.       Definition
1.1          The World Ranking is a list of players/pairs in order of strength. There is one list for each of the five Badminton tournaments. The system used to rank players/pairs is explained below:
1.2          Players/pairs:
1.2.1           win ranking points by playing in tournaments that are graded
1.2.2           are ranked if they have played in two or more graded tournaments in the last 12 months
1.2.3           win ranking points by playing in and winning matches in tournaments
1.2.4           the higher the level of tournament, the more points are won
1.2.5           the further reached in a competition, the more points are won
1.2.6           can be seeded based on their World Ranking
1.2.7           can qualify for the Olympic Games and the World Championships based on their World Ranking...read more


World Ranking Date: 28 January 2010

World Ranking Date: 21 January 2010

World Ranking Date: 14 January 2010

World Ranking Date: 07 January  2010