Media Accreditation

Media participation at any event is subject to accreditation by the organizers. Accreditation is strictly reserved for members of the press i.e. print media, photo, radio, TV, film and news agencies - who fully meet the media accreditation requirements detailed below.

  • The accreditation will be granted upon presentation of valid press credentials with the completed accreditation form usually obtained from the local event organisers.
  • Freelance journalists, photographers and independent TV crews are subject to the same requirements. Freelance photographers must attach a letter of assignment from their employer or agency and it will be dealt on a case by case basis.
  • If you represent several media companies, we invite you to provide information about each one of them and to clearly state which of them you wish to be accredited for, as the press department does not give out multiple accreditations.
  • You do NOT qualify for media accreditation if you fall within one of the following categories - Public relations and internal communications practitioners, non-journalist staff of media outlets such as sales and advertising teams, representatives of fan websites and/or marketing or advertising agencies.

The number of media passes issued to each agency would be limited depending on local conditions with regards to space in the venue.

All accredited media ought to download the media guides below to familiarise themselves with the media coverage guidelines in badminton.


» BWF Media Guide
» BWF Media Guide - Photo Positions