BWF is responsible for developing, regulating and managing badminton and para-badminton at the international level.

The International Paralympic Committee announced on 7 October 2014, that badminton (para-badminton) was selected as one of the sports for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games sport.


There are many national federations, clubs and associations around the world who are involved in badminton training and competition for people with an impairment. BWF promotes a “one sport – one team” philosophy – badminton and para-badminton together. Badminton is a sport for all, and accessible sport for people with an physical impairment.


Para-Badminton players compete in singles (men / women), doubles (men/women) and mixed doubles. Players are classified into “Sport Classes” to ensure fairness in competition. In para-badminton there are 6 Sport Classes.

  - Wheelchair Sport Classes - WH 1 and WH 2

  - Standing Sport Classes - SL 3, SL 4 and SU 5

  - Short Stature Sport Class - SS 6

Classification is a central activity in Paralympic sports. The BWF has Classification Regulations which comply with the IPC Classification Code and International Standards.


The BWF has a Para-Badminton Committee and a Para-Badminton Commission to oversee the technical development of para-badminton. The Para-Badminton Committee provides advice and recommendations to the Council on the regulation and management of para-badminton.