BWF Officers - Past and Present


A Peep into the Past - BWF Officials since 1934


Since its formation in 1934 with a nine-nation membership, Badminton World Federation (foundered as the International Badminton Federation) has developed the sport into one of the more popular disciplines in the Olympic programme with a global link to 179 countries from across the five Continental Confederations.


Through the last eight decades, badminton has experienced numerous changes to its rules and format making it more attractive for television and an increasingly connected fan base.


Badminton is now one of the fastest growing sports with a global reach. Much of the credit to its present status is due largely to the long line of committed and well-informed elected officials who sacrificed much to promote and develop the game over the years.


They are too numerous to name individually but some names that stand out are the following:


Sir George Thomas, Founding Father of modern badminton, first president of the IBF and donor of the now-famous Thomas Cup;


Herbert Scheele, Honorary Secretary of the Federation for 38 years and recognised among the most knowledgeable in the laws of the game;


Ferry Sonneville, has won numerous international singles titles from the mid 50’s through early 60’s. After his high-level playing days ended, he was elected as President of the IBF (1971 – 1974) and Badminton Association of Indonesia (1981- 1985).


IBF’s the first Asian president; Mdm Lu Shengrong, the first woman to head an international sports federation.


Since 1934, 18 Presidents have lead the Federation with support from over 200 elected and appointed officials playing significant roles in various capacities – deputy president, vice-president, council member, secretary, treasurer, among them.


They represent every continent and a wide variety of countries, from the United States to New Zealand, Japan to Mexico and Zimbabwe to Sri Lanka.


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