Classification is undertaken so that players can be assigned a Sport Class (which groups players together in tournaments to compete against each other). During the classification process, the player is allocated a Sport Class Status (which indicates when players should be evaluated and how their Sport Class may be challenged). The Classification Regulations provide a framework within which the process of classification takes place. 


The BWF Para-badminton Classification system has the following Sport Classes:

   - Wheelchair Sport Classes - WH 1 and WH 2

   - Standing Sport Classes - SL 3, SL 4 and SU 5

   - Short Stature Sport Class - SS 6


The Minimal Impairment Criteria for each of the Sport Classes is described in the Classification Regulations.


New Players - International Competition

If a player has a Sport Class Status "New" (N), he/she must complete Player Medical Information Form and Player Evaluation Consent Form before going to their first international tournament where they will undergo player evaluation / classification.

These forms can be downloaded from the "Classification Forms" page of the website.


Classifier Education and Certification 

The BWF organises workshops for those who wish to become a BWF International Para-badminton Classifier. More information on classifier education and certification and training courses is available from the Classification / Certification page of the website.