Classifiers evaluate players and determine their Sport Class and Sport Class Status for play in tournaments. They are trained and qualified to be members of a Classification Panel.

The BWF recognizes three levels of classifier. 

  - Trainee Classifier
  - Level 1 - International Classifier
  - Level 2 – Senior International Classifier

There are two classifier roles. 

Head of Classification - the person responsible for the direction, administration, coordination and implementation of classification matters for the BWF.


Chief Classifier - a classifier appointed for a specific BWF sanctioned international tournament, responsible for the direction, administration, co-ordination and implementation of classification matters at that tournament.


BWF Certified Classifiers

Head of Classification

   Dr Silvia Albrecht (SUI)

Level 2 – Senior Classifier 

   Dr Shamsul Azhar Shah (MAS)

   Dr Bang Heuiji (KOR)

   Dr Komwudh Konchalard (THA)

   Dr Syamsul Rizal Abu Amin (MAS)

Level 1 – International Classifier

   Jóse Maria López (ESP)

   Dr Shu-Ming Yeh (TPE)

   Dr Shiau-Fu Hsieh (TPE)

   Dr Nizam Baharom (MAS)

   Dr Phitsanu Suntornpiyapan (THA)

   Rebecca Bailey (ENG)

   Vivian Maria Salazar Casasola (GUA)

   Nevin Aysel Guzel (TUR)


Levels of Classifiers

The BWF Classification Regulations describe the categories of classifiers and their roles and responsibilities.

Trainee Classifier - is being trained by the BWF and is not yet certified as a classifier.  A trainee cannot be a member of a classification panel at an international tournament.

Level 1 - International Classifier – has successfully completed the BWF classifier training and has been certified to be a member of a classification panel at international tournaments.

Level 2 – Senior Classifier - has a leadership role at international tournaments. Senior classifiers have completed BWF training, show leadership, participate in research and development of the classification system, and have sufficient experience to implement the classification regulations at a tournament. Senior classifiers can perform the role of Chief Classifier at events.