The Para-Badminton Committee deals with policy, strategy and overall management issues relevant to its Terms of Reference.

The Committee is made up of BWF Council members.

The Committee has an oversight and a policy development role for para-badminton.  The Committee receives advice and technical guidance from the Para-Badminton Commission.

The Committee:

  • ensures directions and plans are in line with the BWF Strategic Plan;
  • monitors and evaluates programmes and projects and tracks progress against plans;
  • oversees the activities of any Working Groups and Commissions related to para-badminton;
  • makes recommendations to the Council for the adoption of policies, strategies and regulations related to para-badminton;
  • reports on any decisions taken by the Committee as delegated by Council.


Members of the Para-Badminton Committee are:

  - Paul Kurzo, Chair
  - Wayne Somers, Deputy Chair
  - Nora Perry
  - Ranjit de Silva