Classifier Education / Certification

The BWF Classifier Education and Certification Programme provides the framework and requirements to train, develop and maintain International Para-Badminton Classifiers.

The programme defines the requirements needed for different levels of certification and the conditions to maintain certification and to advance to a higher level.

Appendix 6 of the Classification Regulations provides details of the education and certification of classifiers. The Guidelines for Classifier Education and Certification detail the training programme for Level 1 International Classifiers.



Level 1 International Classifiers

For new classifiers, there are two main stages and the programme involves a minimum commitment of:

 - Attendance at two international tournaments where training

   will be conducted:

      - one day of workshops / training theory;
      - one day of observation of player evaluation;
      - two days observation of players in competition.

 - Participation in workshops, theory sessions, observation

   and practical tasks.

 - Completion of written assignment work between the 

   two international events.

 - Completion of assessment tasks.

Trainee classifiers will receive a certificate of attendance after the first stage of the training course (linked here) with a summary assessment report on progress towards certification.



Pre-requisites for Training

There are a number of pre-requisites to undertaking classifier training and to becoming a BWF International Classifier. These are:


 - Qualified in one or more of the following disciplines:

  • a medical professional - a doctor or physiotherapist (or practitioner from a related discipline) who has knowledge and experience in dealing with people with the impairments and the Activity Limitations described in the Sport Profiles;


  • a technical expert with in-depth knowledge of biomechanics of sport/human movement and have significant expertise in the technical aspects of badminton.

 - Able to communicate effectively in English - undertake classifier training and conduct player evaluations in English.

 - Able to commit time as a para-badminton classifier once qualified.

The following would be a significant advantage in training to be a para-badminton classifier:

 - Experience and/or qualifications as a national classifier in para-badminton.

 - Experience and/or international classifier in another sport.

 - Knowledge of badminton, its rules and physical and technical demands of the sport.