2014 BWF World Badminton championships



                                      Copenhagen , Denmark

                        25 - 31 August 2014

The most prestigious tournament in Badminton. Competing as individuals in five events, Men’s singles, Women’s singles, Men’s and Women’s doubles and Mixed doubles, success conveys the title of World Champion on the winner(s).

First held in 1977 and originally being held every two years the World Championships has since 2003 been held every year except Olympic years, where the winner of the Olympic title is considered the ‘world champion’ in all but name.

Badminton Denmark  have  hosted the prestigious event  thrice  in 1983, 1991 and 1999 in Copenhagen. After 15 years lapsed , once again they host the 2014 edition  from 25 - 31  August 2014. The tournament will be held Ballerup Super Arena  a multi-purpose arena, in Ballerup, Denmark with 9,200 seating capacity. The championships will see approximately 400 of the world’s top players representing five continents competing for the title of World Champion.

 Results - 2014

Tournament Information


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Technical officials

  • Referee:Isabelle Jobard (FRA) updated 13 June
  • Deputy Referee: 1)Michael Nemec (AUT)  2)Junichiro. Yamada(JPN)
  • List of Technical Officials

On - Court Doctors:

  • Dr. Nisith Chowdhury(IND)

  • Dr. Kulroop Kaur Badwal(IND)

Schedule 25 - 31 August

Draft Schedule

Practice Main Court Arena

Draw Ceremony:

The Draw  will take place  on Monday August 11 at Berjaya Times Square hotel at 11 a.m room Bronx V1

Welcome Dinner :

 A welcome Dinner for teams and officials  will be hosted by the organisers: To be confirmed

Key datelines on Qualification process -

  • BWF will highlight those who are eligible to enter using the World Ranking list as at Thursday  24 April 2014 and published on 25 April

List Players Eligible in: Updated 25 April 2014

Phase  I: to be confirmed by 8 May 2014

Phase II  to be confirmed by 15 May 2014

End of phase II  with players/pairs  in the reserve list  updated 20 May 2014

Players/pairs  in the reserve list  updated  July 2014

Updated 23 July

Main and Qualifying Report: 

Seeding Report

Draw(Excel format):

  • DRAW : Updated Monday, 11th August 2014 

Team Managers Meeting:

  • Date: Sunday 24 August 2014
  • Time: 12.00pm
  • Venue : Ballerup Super Arena 

"It is compulsory that all team managers must attend the team managers meeting .Failing to attend the meeting they are liable to be fined as per regulation Part III Section 1B, Appendix 11 “Offences and Penalties” .Member Associations can make a request someone to represent them at the meeting as long as the Referee knows in advance that is acceptable"

Technical officials briefing:

  • Date: Sunday 24 August 2014
  • Time: 7.00pm
  • Venue : Ballerup Super Arena 

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