Sports Science Commission

The Sports Science Commission was created to encourage and widen the level of investment in applied research in badminton.

The Commission is also tasked with improving the level and quantity of scientific material available to coaches and badminton practitioners; with an aim of increasing the players and coaches knowledge of performance and safety at international level.

The Sports Science Commission is responsible for the following key areas:

  • Research
  • Quality / Dissemination
  • Performance / Safety

The work of the Commission is guided by it's Terms of Reference which is approved by Council.

The Sports Science Commission is made up of the following experts:

  • Dr. David Cabello (Spain) – Chair
  • Emeritus Professor Dr. Adrian Lees (United Kingdom)
  • Dr. Mike Hughes (United Kingdom)
  • Dr. Greg Kim (Korea)
  • Professor Dr. Hanno Felder (Germany)
  • Dr. Martin Fahlström (Sweden)
  • Dr. Pergoran Fahlström (Sweden)
  • Professor Ranjit De Silva (Sri Lanka)