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India Grand Prix Gold
India Grand Prix Gold
Dates: to
Category:Grand Prix Gold
Prize money:USD 120,000
Entry deadline:12/24/2013
Tournament link:India Grand Prix Gold 2014
Updated date:1/19/2014


Tournament  Information

Technical Officials:

Key informations and Datelines

To search your players please log to the following link .This link is specially created to allow Member Associations to find their players BWF ID numbers.

Key Datelines

Team Managers and Technical officials Meeting

  • Main event team managers meeting:   Monday, 20 January 2014  Time :16:00h,  Venue: Conference hall of the tournament Venue

"It is compulsory that all team managers must attend the team managers meeting .Failing to attend the meeting they are liable to be fined as per regulation Part III Section 1B, Appendix 11 “Offences and Penalties” .Member Associations can make a request someone to represent them at the meeting as long as the Referee knows in advance that is acceptable"

  • Technical official Briefing:  Monday, 20 January 2014  Time :TBC,  Venue: Conference hall of the tournament Venue