Sports Science Research Grants

The BWF has announced a research grants programme for individuals or institutions who wish to apply to the BWF for funding to assist them to complete Sports Science applied research projects in badminton.

The BWF Sports Science Commission has three key goals:

To encourage and widen interest and investment in applied research in Badminton.

To improve the level and quantity of scientific material available to players, coaches and badminton practitioners.

To contribute towards the increased knowledge of performance and safety at the international level – of coaches and players.

This grants programme is a significant investment of $40,000 in the first year to assist in building knowledge of badminton the following areas:

 -  Physiology
 -  Biomechanics
 -  Sports psychology
 -  Performance analysis
 -  Match analysis
 -  Sports Nutrition
 -  Sports Anthropometry
 -  Sports injuries / injury prevention

This initiative will be communicated to universities and the BWF hopes that this will raise the awareness of badminton as an area of study and to encourage a greater investment in research in badminton by universities.


 -  Guidelines for the Grant Application

 -  Application Form

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