OverviewMadam Lu

The BWF has a system of awards that recognises excellence, achievement and service to the sport and to the badminton community. The system of awards is governed by the Awards Regulations which detail each award, the selection criteria and the process for nomination. The awards are listed below and are linked to the names of recipients for each award.

All award nominations must be received by the Chief Operating Officer no later than 31 October each year.  These will be reviewed by the Awards Commission and recommendations are then made to the Administration and then finally to Council at its November / December meeting.


1.   Lifetime Achievement Award

2.   Hall Of Fame

3.   Herbert Scheele Trophy

4.   Distinguished Service Award

5.   Meritorious Service Award

6.   Certificate of Commendation

7.   Eddie Choong Player of the Year Award (until 2007)

8.   Annual Players Award (since 2008)

9.  Women in Badminton Award

10. President's Medal




1. Lifetime Achievement AwardJeff Robson

The Lifetime Achievement Award is a highly prestigious award given by the BWF to recognize individuals who have made a significant and lifetime contribution towards the advancement and promotion of the sport worldwide. Factors considered in the selection process include:


  • Span and scope of contribution
  • Legacy of the nominee’s contribution/work
  • Additional awards / honors received

This special award is presented for outstanding contributions to the development of the sport. The award is for those who have retired after a lifetime of service in the sport. Nominees can be a player, administrator or any individual from the sport. Past recipients of any other BWF award or honour are able to be nominated for this award.

Award Nominations are made by members of the BWF Executive Board/Council


2. Hall of FameThomas Lund

The BWF Hall of Fame is to honour players and administrators who have enhanced their sport through exceptional achievements. Nominees are members of the badminton fraternity who have retired from the sport of badminton for a period of five years or more. Only in special circumstances will the Administration Committee consider a recommendation to Council of a nominee who is still involved in badminton.

Recipients of any other BWF award or honour can be nominated for the Hall of Fame. Nominations may be lodged with the BWF at any time. The Administration Committee makes recommendations to Council.

Award Nomination Form - Hall of Fame


3. Herbert Scheele Trophy

The Herbert Scheele Trophy is presented by Council for outstanding and exceptional services to badminton. Recipients of this award are presented with a replica of the trophy Herbert Scheele Trophy.

Award Nominations are made by members of the BWF Executive Board/Council


4. Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is presented by Council, on behalf of the members of the BWF, in recognition of long and/or distinguished service to badminton throughout the world. The award is in the form of a certificate and lapel badge.

Serving members of Council are not eligible to be nominated. Service should be exceptional, involving more than the routine holding of office and/or participation in competitions and winning of trophies. 

The total number of awards granted shall be 75. This number is subject to review every five years.

Award Nominations are made by members of the BWF Executive Board/Council

Award Nomination Form - Distinguished Service Award


5. Meritorious Service Award

The President of the Badminton World Federation presents a Meritorious Service Award in recognition of long and meritorious service to badminton. The award is in the form of a certificate and lapel badge. Nominations are made by Member Associations. In the case of internationally-recognised umpires, the Technical Committee may make up to two nominations per year. Serving members of Council are not eligible to be nominated.

The number of awards available to Member Associations is based on the number of members in the Association.

 Award Nomination Form - Meritorious Service Award


6. Certificate of Commendation

A Certificate of Commendation shall be awarded, where appropriate, to commercial undertakings and other external organisations that have rendered significant service to the sport for no less than three years. Badminton clubs and other sporting bodies (eg National Olympic Committees) are not eligible to be nominated for a Certificate of Commendation.

Award Nomination Form - Certificate of Commendation

7. Eddy Choong Player of the Year Award

This award was discontinued in 2007 and has become the Eddy Choong Most Promising Player of the Year Award - see below.


8. Annual Players Award

  • Male Player of the Year
  • Female Player of the Year
  • Male Para-Badminton Player of the Year
  • Female Para-Badminton Year of the Award
  • Eddy Choong Most Promising Player of the Year

This criteria for badminton male/female of the year award is based on the performance of the players in the Super Series events and major BWF tournaments which are the World Championships, the Sudirman Cup and the Thomas/Uber Cup.

This criteria for para-badminton male/female of the year award is based on the performance of the players in BWF events and BWF Para-Badminton World Championships and Continental Championships.

The BWF Awards Commission will make recommendations to the Council through the Administration Committee at its November/December. The Council will nominate up to five in each category for the Annual Player Awards.


9. Women in Badminton Award

The Women in Badminton Award recognises an individual (man or woman) or an organisation that has made a significant contribution towards the involvement of women or girls in badminton.

Key selection criteria are:

  • A strong advocate for women or girls in badminton
  • Significant contribution for women or girls in badminton

Award Nomination Form - Women in Badminton Award


10. President's Medal


The President's Medal is to honour distinguished individuals or organisations who have made an exceptional contribution to badminton.  Nominations are made exclusively by the BWF President. 
Key selection criteria:
  • Exceptional contribution to badminton
  • Exceptional achievements for international badminton