Barred Players


1.  Barred Players -Withdrawal Fees

Players who have been barred from entering BWF sanctioned tournaments due to unpaid withdrawal fees are listed below. These players are not eligible to enter any BWF sanctioned events until further notice.

2. Member Associations - Withdrawal Fees / Suspension

The following Member Associations are not permitted to enter any of their players in any BWF sanctioned tournaments until outstanding withdrawal fees are paid

  • Kyrgyzstan - Kyrghyz National Badminton Association
  • Palestine - Palestine Badminton Federation


The BWF requests ALL tournament organizers not to accept entries from these Member Associations and for players on the barred player list above.

The barring of these players will remain in place until the Member Association has paid the outstanding withdrawal fee for the particular player(s).

This is for all levels of BWF sanctioned tournaments.


3.  Disciplinary Action - Barred Players

The BWF Disciplinary Committee rule on possible breaches of the Code of Conduct and from time to time bars players from competition. A summary of the cases is published on the BWF website.


4. BWF Policy on Barred Players - Withdrawal Fees

This policy has been put in place to assist Tournament Organisers and Member Associations receiving withdrawal fees which are due to them. The Policy has been effective since 1 June 2008.



  • The names will be published on the BWF website;
  • The players names will be barred from the BWF World Ranking system;
  • Tournament organizers  - Member Associations and Continental Confederations will be asked not to enter these players in tournaments until further notice;
  • Players who have entered into a tournament and the draw has already been completed and published will be allowed to continue to play, however no world ranking points will be awarded for that tournament until the outstanding fees have been paid;
  • Any player who has entered a tournament and is on the M & Q Report (main and qualifying report) and before the draw is completed - will be removed from the M & Q Report and be prevented from entering the draw.
  • As soon as the withdrawal fee for that player has been paid, the BWF will send an email to Member Associations, and reinstate their name in the BWF World Ranking System.