On Line Entry


BWF have successfully implemented  ONLINE entry system for  tournaments level 1 - 3 from 2011. From  January 2012 it will be implemented for level 4 tournaments and  Member Associations are kindly advised to adhere to  the online entry regulations.  

Online Entries – Level 4 Events

As part of BWF’s ongoing development, the online entry system is now used in all Level 4 tournaments (International Challenge, International Series and Future Series),


The online entry  link page will automatically  close  on reaching the deadline for submitting entries at  the closing date specified in the prospectus - which is  Tuesday  midnight  BWF Headquarters time. +08.00 GMT  and  late entries will not be  accepted.

Links for Online entry for Level 2 tournaments.


Links  for online entry for Level 3 and 4 tournaments